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I have always enjoyed reading. For some reason, recently I had moved away from reading written material for education purposes (other than those required for grad school). This class has prompted an interest in reading those sources of knowledge once again and provided lots of titles from which to choose.

      Vi"Man is limited not so much by his tools but by his vision ... our problem today is that our tools are there but our vision is limited"~Pascale and Athos, The Art of Japanese Management, 1981

·         We have the capacity to learn, which is to say we have the capacity to change. (Davidson, pg5)

·         If multitasking is the required mode of the 21st century, thank goodness we now have a hyperactive, interactive brain that’s up to the (multi)task! (Davidson, p 14)

·         How we use our brain (what we pay attention to) changes our brain. Those things that capture our attention - our learning and our work, our passions and our activities - change our actual brain biology (Davidson, p 15)

Quotes to Encourage More Thinking, Blogging, and Learning

·         “Learning is the constant disruption of an old pattern, a breakthrough that substitutes something new for something old.” (Davidson, pg 5)

·         “We are constantly learning, and our mental software is being updated all the time” (Davidson, pg 19)·       

·         “If you are a successful entrepreneur in the US, you are three times more likely than the general population to have been diagnosed with a learning or attention disorder,” (Davidson, p9).
Various forms of intelligences are not always recognized by teachers and other adults. It is by thinking differently from others that we have innovations and creations to make things better (or worse). Think about all the changes in technology that have happened in the last 20 years … those changes did not occur because everyone did everything the same way all the time.

·         We can learn best and see more (pay more attention) by not trying to see it all but by sharing the task with others and allowing each to focus on various parts. I sat in a grade level meeting at an elementary school this week and saw this happen. Each person in the group had strengths and brought those to the table when they were breaking apart a standard …. not all saw it in the same way, but the differences in the group perspective made the understanding richer.


Future Plans

·         Reading through the Cathy Davidson book overloaded me with ideas. I underlined, starred, made notes, and folded down so many corners. The ideas in that book connect with me not only on an education level (what it can mean for me as a teacher and for student learning) but also on a personal/individual level (what it can/does mean for me based on my experiences). Just after I turned 16 (6 days after), I was involved in a serious car accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. The combination of my having to relearn just about everything and my interest in the way to brain works and learns instantly drew me to this book. Those factors also intensified my reaction to many of the things I read in this book, which may be one of the reasons I have not written/blogged about all the ideas I had/have from this book. I am more than likely overanalyzing and attributing too much meaning, but it is something I feel like I have to work through.

Blog Posts

I have realized that I have been working on the learning reflection all throughout as I look back over the blog posts that have been inspired by things done or read for this course.

·         Do Learning and Change Work Well Together?

·         What tool would it be?

·         What is more important – questions or answers?

·         What brain apps have you added recently?

·         What do you want to do?

·         Books and Relearning

·         Scientist or Engineer?

·         Distraction = Pay Attention?

Thinking is not a New Thing 


When I started reading Now You See It: How the brain science of attention will transform the way we love, work, and learn by Cathy Davidson and 21st Century Skils: Learning for life in our times by Trilling and Fadel, I was reading them as a requirement for this class. As I read more (and underlined, starred, highlighted, and circled more), I realized that my purpose and motivation for reading the books had changed .... I was reading the book because I really wanted to and was interested in the information being shared.



Thinking back over the things done in this class, I think my learning from this class has been different from the things I have learned in the other classes in this program.  I can’t pinpoint a specific new tool that I learned about in this class. I can’t pinpoint a new presentation technique that I learned about in this class. Even though I am unable to pinpoint those specific things, I have learned a great deal about the reflection process and been able to learn/realize things about me and my learning as a result of the reflection process.

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